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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Various Saree Materials in the Indian Heritage

Sophia Loren has rightly said, “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

India has inherited its own culture from primordial. It has its own unique traditions and customs that have its roots from time without beginning. Amongst many, women are bestowed with one, the tradition of wearing saree. The 5 or 6 yard length fabric carries enormous grace. The word originated from Sanskrit language and refers to a piece of strip. We all adore women in saree, certainly because they transmit grace, elegance, and agileness. To understand it better, we have brought the genres of saree for you. Let’s together understand the various kinds of sarees subsist in India.

1.      Tant Saree: Distinguishing themselves from other, Bengalis wear tant saree. It looks all the way different and appealing. The fabric of this saree is light and airy. Certainly because of this, tant saree is the foremost reason for Bengali women to wear this saree. These sarees are of many in variety, namely, fulia and shantipur, dhaniakhali, begampur, kalna, and atpur. These sarees have a design on border and on the body of the saree. To enhance the beauty of the saree, it is now being made with Banarasi silk.  

2.      Sambalpuri Saree: The pride of Orissa is posed amongst the top Indian saree. Another name for it is Ikkat and they are the combination of some amazing fabrics- Silk, Taussor and Soft Cotton. Woven in handlooms, this saree’s uniqueness lies in the fabric. Once the fibers have been dyed, it can never be bleached into another color, in fact the cloth may deteriorate with time, but its color never fades. The weave is popular for its Kathan border and midriff and is made in the same way till date as it was in the ancient days.

3.      Kosa Saree: To the silk lover, if Kosa saree has not grabbed a place in your wardrobe, then get it is asap. Kosa saree has the silk all over the world. Donor of this fabric is none other than cocoon on some special tress. These are Arjun, Saja and Sal Trees. One article of kosa saree takes seven to ten days to come in its entirety. To check if the kosa silk is pure, the best way is to burn some threads of the fabric. If the burnt thread leaves a residue quite unlike ash, which is black in color and has an unpleasant odor, then the piece with you is authentic. 

4.      Maheshwari Saree: It glorifies Madhya Pradesh. All thanks to queen Ahilya Bai, who designed and wore this beautiful saree for the first time. This saree is weaved with cotton and fine silk and is usually plain. The enchanting beauty of this saree is in the floral and geometric patterns on it. Once worn by royals, the Maheshwari is now widely considered and is an epitome of elegance and class.

5.      Nauvari Saree: I wonder how great can be the history of any saree. Yes, this saree share that greatness. This Maharastrian saree came into existence due to Maratha women. In order to accomplish their mission in war time by assisting their fellow male warriors, these women came across this saree. They draped it in a trouser-dress manner while tucking the saree at the back.

6.      Mooga Saree: We adorn Assam for many reasons. One more added when we get to know that they have the heritage of Mooga silk saree. These sarees are widely appreciated for its unparalleled golden hue. This silk is produced only in Assam and the source is silkworm. This is the finest and rarest silk and highly expensive. The sheen of this fabric increases with every wash and last for generations after generations.   

So these were some of the rarest saree that have unsurpassed beauty and need to acquire a place in your wardrobe now. Trust me when you will step out of your house wearing any of these sarees, you will amaze everyone around you with your presence and dignity.    

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Rajasthani Rajputi Poshak

The gratification of the Rajput Women of Rajasthan is beyond measure. Their attire makes it all, none other than; we are talking about the Rajputi Poshak with exuberant Rajasthani Jewelry. The Mughal’s stimulated the Rajput women to have chosen Poshak as their chic of covering. This stunning and lively dress code generally consists of a bunch of garments including Kanchli (inner-wear with sleeves), Waist-length Kurta (a sleeveless blouse), Ghagra (Pleated Skirt) and Odhni (long flowing veil).  Rajupti Poshak looks astonishingly beautiful with its wide range of colors, texture and shades: turquoise and rose-pink, lime-green and orange, satin and net, and tie and dye and gold-lurex embroidery. When you move around with the Rajputi Poshak hanging over you, you appear like sartorial swans, gracefully separated from the rest. Unlike the other Indian apparels, which have their own splendor and varies with each culture in each part of the country, the Poshka is distinct and indigenous to Rajasthan. Wearing it would make you feel not as much exotic as exotically anonymous, as the various layers will bring out your distinct identity magnificently. The Poshak would wear you and you would wear it!!

Most of the Rajput women wear poshak in their everyday life, which is generally a simple poshak having some Gotta Patti over it. The heavy range of Poshak is worn on the festives- Teej, Gangor, and like. The beautiful Poshaks makes the beautiful women feel incredible.
When the Poshak is made, the effort made by its makers is enormous. They think, create and bring out the best. That is why the Poshak itself have its range. Let’s have a look:

·         Poshak in Zardosi: To bring newness in the piece of clothing, Zardosi is used. Zardosi, as by its nature, have the beauty of tiny and thin metal wiring. When embroider on the poshak, it enhances its exquisiteness. Zardosi embroidery involves making elaborated designs, using gold and silver threads. Further adding to the magnificence of the work are the studded pearls and precious stones. Also used is the combination of copper wire, with a golden or silver polish, and a silk thread.    

·         Poshak in Gota Patti: Gota patti, originated and copy righted by Rajasthan, is just startling. Originally real gold and silver metals were used. But now small pieces of Zari ribbon are applied on the fabric and sophisticated designs are created. It is used along with Kinari work. Generally the dresses with Gota Patti are worn on special occasions and festivals. To add to it, other embroidery stuff like sequences and kundan is used. The combo comes out nicely and makes poshak beautiful. 
·         Poshak in Zari: Zari being a thread is usually used on brocade. But it is also a good stuff to use on Poshak. Formerly from Banaras, the thread is now used in various parts of India and even overseas. Zari is basically a brocade of tinsel thread meant for weaving and embroidery. The poshaks with zari are highly appreciated and gives a feel-good feeling to the being.

·         Poshak in Kundan: The kundan as it looks so divergent from all other stones, when put on the poshak, makes you look relish. The word kundan means highly refined gold and is one of the oldest forms of stone made and used in India.  As also known as Jaipuri or Bikaneri jewelry, it has a strong variation. Clothing just looks spectacular when kundan is added to it. The poshaks with these small stones have an absolute gorgeous appearance.   

The Rajasthani Rajputi Poshak is a special item of outfit for women. With 4 of its garments namely Kanchli, Waist-length Kurta, Ghagra, and Odhni, it gives you a relish look. Our offered range poshaks, when worn by you, will surely make people flatter at you. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Summer Love – 5 Must Have Kurtis

Kurtis have transformed the way Indian women look, sense and articulate. Women Kurtis can neither be classified as ethnic nor as western has become one of the most versatile and chic wear for ladies across the entire fence of age and religion. Whatever be the occasion or festival, a trendy kurti will be your treasure trove grace for it. Most admirable attire for scorching summers, the attire offers ease, style, elegance and breathability so all you girls out there “when in doubt wear a kurti!”

Let us show you the list of some summer friendly Kurtis that every woman should incorporate in to her closet for a chic, comfy and summer ready appearance.

1.    Casual Kurti – One casual Kurti crafted using cotton or other lightweight fabric, is just crucial for any and every girls wardrobe. Lend you a super comfy and stylish look. Team it with casual contrasting leggings or jeggings to steal the show wherever you go.

2.    Ethnic Kurti – These types of Kurtis are especially meant for ethnicity lovers, such as those who fond of intricate, traditional embroideries, rich Indian fabrics and enchanting colors. Best worn with Salwar and Churidars.

3.    Short Jacket Style Kurti/Tunic – If you like to adorn an easy-breezy look than nothing works best than a short Kurti. Best worn with skinny denims or pants. It is basically a top cum tunic that can even buttoned up or down with a skirt or even shorts for a complete boho look.

4.    Asymmetrical Hemline Kurti – Asymmetrical hemline and cuts have become the most loved details that fashionistas tend to incorporate on their style quotient. You can wear it with leggings, and to add more pizzazz to you look, pair it with belt and turn your style into a completely different concept!

5.    A Flowy ‘A’-line Kurti – This summer go for a color block look with lively prints. Slip into a chiffon or georgette Kurti for that flattering look and add oomph factor to your style statement. You can wear a floral printed Kurti as both formal and casual occasions.

Style your closet this summer with these must have Kurtis. You can buy these Kurtis online as well.  Blown by their design, browse them and buy kurti online them only here at

Friday, March 27, 2015

Top 7 Reasons to Shop at

When a tourist goes to a new city, then the first question occurs in his/her mind that what unique he/she should purchase that he/she can preserve as the keepsake of that new place. And when it comes to striking Pink City, Jaipur, we don’t have to think much about shopping. Undoubtedly Jaipur is a well-known place for shopping. And if we talk about shopping Jaipur’s legacy at online stores then, first-ever shop comes in our mind is Ranas by Kshitija – best known for its myriad range of astounding Indian ethnic  women’s wearonline. At you’ll find an exclusive collection of Bridal Lehengas, Wedding Sarees, Designer Sarees, Anarkalis, Salwar Suits, Kurtis and so on. Moreover, it is the most preferred online shopping destination of fashionistas for over 5 decagons.

Top 7 Reasons to Shop at
Top 7 Reasons to Shop at
Ranas have put their whole inventory online for you to explore and shop whenever you desire! Let us talk about the reasons why shopping online at ranas is much better than shopping in other fashion houses.

1.      One-Stop Shop For Ethnic Indian Ensembles – Regardless to say that, Ranas serving the Rajaasthan’s legacy for over 5 decades in terms of ethnic weaves of Rajasthan’s opulent culture, such as, Gota-Patti, Kota Silk, Zari work, Gota-Patti Dori embroidered designer women’s wear.  And this is the best reason to shop innumerable varieties on a single roof.

2.      Save Time, Save Money – You don’t need to take the time to get ready, drive to the crammed full market, to be in elongated queues. You just need to do is to run ranas online store,, simply type in what you require and right away find what you are looking for that too at cost-effective prices.

3.      Always Find the Best Deals – Ranas has an enormous collection of ethnic Indian women’ wear to offer. And at any special occasions, shopping from ranas is become icing on cake for fashion lovers, as the shop endow with raining best deals and offers.

4.      Find Apparels You Might Not See in Stores – Since brick and mortar shops are limited on space, retailers usually don’t exhibit all the style and types of an outfit they sell in the shop. Online, you can find ranas complete inventory, along with countless options of hues, styles, designs, or even a designer and customized dresses. And Ranas by Kshitija has top notch quality outfits ranging from Designer Lehenga Sarees to Customized Anarkali Salwar Suits.

5.      The Store Never Says ‘I’am Closed’ – You can shop anytime online at ranas (anytime- 24/7), it is never close so you never have to take a day off from your busy schedule.  You can make it possible anytime.

6.      Ship Your Gifts Directly – When you order online from, you can always send gifts or even have gift baskets delivered directly to their recipient. And what could be better then, this to make your dear-ones feel special.

7.  Best in jaipur Rajasthan India

So, Happy Online Shopping J

Monday, March 16, 2015

Kurtis – Coalescing Comfort & Style

Nowadays, there has been a rise in the appetence for Kurtis among women & this fashion trend has wedged on an enormous way. Kurtis has been just right to unify the conformist and the contemporary ensemble. They coalesce fashion and ethnicity in a magnificent way & are in demand among girls and woman similarly.

Mounting Demand For Kurtis  
With working ladies, the requirement for a relaxed yet fashionable appearing corporate wear has added to the amplify in appetence for women Kurtis. Not just in corporate, Kurtis can be adorned as college, casual outings, parties and just above anywhere. It is because of its adaptable nature, that the trend of adorning Kurtis has not only wedged on among ladies in India but also in other foremost international fashion markets such as United States, United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, Turkey, and Canada. On the other hand, one more major factor that adds to the mounting demand of Kurtis in India is a number of varieties are there in the market in terms of design, size, color, texture, prints, patterns, etc.

Perfect Attire for Festivity
Ladies adorning Kurtis on extraordinary occasions like festivals usually selected ones that decked up with intricate embellishment, detailed designs and other work such as  patch-work, zardosi work, gota-patti work, beaded etc. you can find them in copious shades, styles, cuts, and fabric such as cotton, georgette, silk, net, faux net, khadi, linen, and chiffon. Needless to say designer Kurtis is the first love of modern women and girls.

Kurtis – A versatile Outfit
Kurtis are truly a versatile piece of attire that is just hassle-free to wear and graceful in terms of looks. This is the prime reason that this outfit has achieved immense popularity not only in India but worldwide as well. That is why Kurtis for woman has managed to win the hearts of global masses is that it is looking good on ladies of every age and can be adorned in any season.

Emerging Trend in Kurtis
There are a myriad of options available in the market nowadays, you can select from various trendy Kurtis such as a-line Krtis, Anarkali-Style Kurtis, Short Kurtis, etc.  As they are hugely in demand, the designer just can’t stop crafting new trends. You can find the best deals while buying Kurtis Online in India and Designer Kurtis Online. So, go and slip in ethnicity to steal the show!   

Monday, March 9, 2015

How to Take Care of Your Sarees

How to Keep Your Saree Forever New

Your closet might have all types of sarees. Taking care of them must be a tough job. We know how eminent and special every saree in your closet is and embrace a lot of memoirs with you every time to drape it. So we thought to share some worthy tips with you that we have about taking care of these original and pure sarees.  As we know, every saree has their own specialties and there are different ways to take care of them as well. So here are some tips incorporating them you can take care of the quality of your saree and keep them eminent years to come.

Silk Sarees

These sarees are crafted with some of the heaviest and expensive raw silk that requires a lot of care on your part.

·       Try  preserving them in a dark space in your wardrobe after covering them up in a muslin cloth. The muslin cloth thus, keeps away the moisture which is harmful to the silk sarees. Dark space also safeguard the discoloration of the saree.

·        While ironing the saree,  special care must be taken as different fabrics of sarees need different temperatures.

·        The best way is to get them dry cleaned from a laundry rather washing and ironing them at home!

Tissue & Organza Sarees

These kinds of sarees are delicate by nature and prone of getting torn effortlessly.

·        Do not leave them hanging for a long time as they turn shapeless.

·        Keep them covered with a muslin piece of cloth or mulmul cloth for long time storage.

·        Ensure the saree is refolded at regular times, doing this prevents any tear in the saree.

Chiffon & Georgette Sarees

These types of sarees also need to manage with special care.

·        Do not wrap them too tightly as they have intricate and heavy embellishments so, they can tear easily.

Cotton sarees

Cotton saree too require special care and maintenance as they are ideal daily wear and office wear as well.

·        Do not mix them with any different color of cloth  while washing them.

·        Don’t leave them absorbed in waster too much.

·        Dry them in shade

·        Starched them as they look more beautiful.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Revive Your Look with Designer Sarees

Designer apparel has become the impeccable fashion for fashionista. Every fashion forward woman wants to be a trendsetter amongst family and friends thus today’s woman prefer to go for an ensemble that makes them cynosure of all eyes. Designer apparel does so; you appear ravishing and stunning in designer dresses and surely grab many eyeballs. Designer sarees are like icing on the cake to your look, and these sarees have been selling like hot cakes in the fashion world where most of the ladies as well as girls want to look their ethnic best. The designer sarees comes along with a designer blouse that fit to your body excellently when tailored as per the silhouette and the pattern, style and color of the saree look smashing. With the advent of online shopping you can always buy designer sarees online without making a dent in your pocket.

Designer sarees are meant for special occasions like wedding, anniversaries and parties. If you wish to sizzle out in the upcoming gala you should definitely pick a designer saree. While buying Indian designer sarees online, go for the designer sarees that are belongs to well-known designers.

Following are the top 5 perks of buying designer sarees online in India:

     1. Unmatched & Superior Quality Material – Before designing the saree, designers research out about the fabric that makes the wearer comfortable entire day. So just drop the worry of comfort as you will utterly get the utmost comfy saree.

     2. Eye-Catchy Shade – Designers really like blending up the tints and hues that offers you a mesmerizing look. So leave behind the worries of ‘if the color will suits you or not’ too.

     3. Latest Design- When it comes to Designer saree, you will definitely get the newest patterns and designs be it; paisley, floral, checker, Ikat etc. and these patterns furthermore evergreen in terms of fashion.

     4. Embellishment & Work – The decorative such as stone, zari work, Gota work, sequins, pippins and pellets etc. are the embellishments that are look effluent and taken good care by the designers while crafting a saree.

So, gear up for designer sarees online shopping and steals the show with your lush look.        

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Top 3 Famous Varieties of Designer Wedding Sarees

Designer wedding sarees are the most adorned and admired ensemble for Indian woman and every woman's dream is to have a wardrobe full of designer sarees. For centuries, women are draping this six yard of cloth for all kinds of occasions, be it formal or informal as it emblazes the elegance of an Indian woman. In today's world, designer sarees has undergone the complete makeover in terms of design, style & pattern with rapidly changing fashion and times. Fashion creators of today era have inched up the creativity ladder and have outweighed the cliché ethnic prints and patterns to meet the demands of epoch fashion forward ladies. The Indian markets has flooded with the Designer Wedding Sarees , these designer six yards add elegance & charisma to the beauty of the lady who drapes it properly and amalgams with the growing trends thereby giving lavish & distinguished style statement.

Designer wedding sarees are as varied as the fish in the sea. So you can shop those saree online and it is very feasible to find your desired saree. Every hue, pattern and detail likely is available in a designer saree now. Here are some examples of designer wedding sarees that will turn your head around.

Bandhej Saree- Bandhej is also known as Bandhani and Tie & Dye. It is the origin of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bandhej is a form of tie & dye that practice of designing patterns and motifs on a saree. It is famous across the globe because of its enchanting natural tints and hues, all the colors are usually dark and no light color is used. For occasion like wedding and other ceremonies bandhej sarees are decorated with mirror, gotta, tassels and zari work to give a more appealing and party perfect look. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear as well.

Banarsi Silk Saree- Made in Varanasi, a city also known as Baranas or Benaras. The silk sarees are among the luxurious sarees in India and famous for their gold & silver brocade, zari, fine silk and intricate embroidery. These sarees are heavy because of its detailed engravings and decoration of silk. The saree is part of an Indian wedding trousseau too.    
Kota Doria Saree-  Also known as Kota Jali, Kota doria saree are dawning of Kota, Rajasthan. These designer sarees are very lightweight and transparent. Crafted with high-end cotton, these sarees popular as the lightest sarees across the world. Usually comes in checkered and khats pattern, which look graceful and easy to drape as well.     

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